• What can we help you with?

We are a marketing and graphic design consulting group dedicated to helping clients with their marketing and communication needs. Rather then calling ourselves freelancers we consider ourselves consultants, because we can do as little as provide guidance or as much as complete the job. If you have an idea of what you want, but are not sure how to get there, let us help you!

How did I get here?

Long before starting ImagiMedia & Design, I worked for big companies with big marketing budgets. After working with agencies at Johnson Polymer, I convinced our Communications Team that we could do it ourselves … with quicker response times at a reduced cost. We slowly started doing more in-house, and eventually we did most of the graphic design and technology-based work. Then Johnson Polymer was acquired by a multi-national chemical company, and instead of staying an employee I became a consultant, which is when I started ImagiMedia & Design. As a consultant, I IMD was introduced to corporate staff throughout the organization, and everything grew from there. ImagiMedia grew organically through connections during the acquisition but has also taken on new clients, both for-profit and non-profit..

How can we help you?

Graphic design

We create print or digital designs to meet your communication needs.

Web development

We can build and manage your website utilizing WordPress.

Brand strategy

We can create and/or implement existing brand strategies.


We create beautiful presentations and interactive PDFs and PDF forms.

Art direction

Not sure what you want your brand to look like, we can create that too.


When you want control, we can create templates for a good starting place.

Photo editing

When your images need little
or big adjustments, we have
the tools to get it done..

Trade shows

From designing rollup banners to big booth graphics, we have you covered.

Software Training

Like to do it yourself, but not sure how? We can help you take control.